About Us

In July 2014 I was blessed with my first child, a little girl. I have lived in Toledo for the majority of my life and didn’t realize until it came time to dress her that I could never find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted preppy, classic styles – not frilly and old fashioned. In essence – I wanted her to wear what I wear.

My Mom supported me as she always does and after a couple of weeks, if not months, we finally took the leap of faith – Bowinkles was born.

We are just a small business in one of the greatest cities in America, trying to live the American dream. Being an entrepreneur is in our blood and bringing style to your little ones is our joy.

We love our store in downtown Sylvania, but also know how important convenience is. You’re busy. You’re tired. And we get it.  So click away on our new e-commerce site and have fun shopping our local boutique from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks for checking us out and giving our clothes a chance. They are some of the best you’ll find: in quality and style.


Your Mother-Daughter Duo,

Jane & Stephanie